Producing all kinds of Jam by new methods is one of the key activities of this company.
All kinds of fruits such as Carrot, Cherry, Strawberry, Citron and Rose petals will be picked from Iran’s gardens and farms and goes to our production line.
There are 2 methods for cooking Jam, one is cooking in open boilers and the other one is in vacuum cooking machine.
In cooking in open boilers its temperature reaches to 100 Centigrade which cause change in color and taste.
In vacuum cooking machine the maximum temperature is 50 Centigrade and Vacuum of 540 to 640 MmHg. In this method Flavor, color and nutritional value of the fruit is conserved.
Firstly all fruits after industrial washing become clean and goes into the crushing machine, then goes into the vacuum cooking machine and at the end jam goes to full automatic machines for packing.
Due to our production process, our jam products are without any color, chemical preservatives and is totally organic.

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