Coriander Honey
Coriander Honey is with golden amber color, specific taste and mild aroma, Produced from the nectar of beautiful white blossoms of coriander. The honey may having immune-prophylactic, antioxidant and fungi static properties, hence imminent to increase the efficiency of the human immune response.
Medical Benefits
Anti-allergy, Anti-Irritating cough, Anti-Muscle aches, Anti-Epilepsy and seizures, Facilitates digestion, Strengthen gums, Cure Catarrh.
Gawan Honey
Gawan honey is generated by Gawan Gaz flower (Astragalus family) which grows in Zagros Mountain. It has light amber color, fresh smell, sweet but not very strong.
Medical Benefits
Cure Osteoporosis, Foot Pain, Back Pain and Arthritis, Strengthen the nerves and digestive.
Cedar Honey
Cedar honey comes from bees pollinating in one of the Cedar tree which is called Yemeni Honey. This honey can even be consumed by diabetics. According to the forest ranger three tablespoons of this honey will, after a ten day regimen, lower bad cholesterol, improve memory, stamina and strengthen immunity.
Medical Benefits
Strengthen the nerves, gives sexual and physical energy, improve memory, Anti-Anemia, good for hair, Containing hydrolyzed protein.
Wildflower honey
Wildflower honey is light and fruity yet richly flavored at the same time.

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